Buy Low, Sell High Make Your Profits Hit The Sky

Here’s another garage sale find. I paid $5 for this goog looking Hobie wakeboard with foot binders. People take these to the lake and ski behind them. And, I must admit this one was pretty dirty. So, the key for this flip was cleaning up all the dirt on the wakeboard. I posted it to and it did not take too long to do the flip. This guy met me at the McDonalds across from the Clairemont post office and we did the deal. And I think it’s important to mention that when I can, I will meet the buyer in a public place. I don’t really like having strangers come to my home. 97 % of the time people are great. However, there have been two or three times that I have regretted a buyer coming to my home. And, it’s important to note, that a buyer will feel more comfortable meeting in a public place too. So, keep that in mind both when buying and selling. Anyway, I sold the wakeboard for $70 and considering it was simple drive-by money, I am not complaining. For more of the Big Easy Money Makers, go to