Are You Sick & Tired of NOT Having Enough Money

If sick and tired of money problems describes you, open the door, sit shotgun and let’s go for a wild ride on the buy-sell train.

Join entrepreneur, Michael Senoff and father of two teenage sons, Alan and Joseph, with their iPhone in hand and their 1977 Chevy El Camino, are in the business of buying & selling anything they can turn for a fast and easy profit. The trio hunts restore and sells their finds each month and documents the entire process. Meet and see the people they meet along the way, read their stories and follow along on this never-ending real-life treasure hunt to learn the skills you need to do the same in The Money Shot Newsletter at

Members enjoy hundreds of unique case stories to learn from going back to 2017. Each story offers YOU a new idea and a new opportunity to take what we do and duplicate in your home town. You can probably do it without us, but we can certainly share some ideas that will shortcut the process.