Entrepreneur, Michael Senoff and father of two teenage sons, Alan and Joseph, with their iPhone in hand and their 1977 Chevy El Camino, are in the business of buying & selling anything they can turn for a fast and easy profit.

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This money-making story started with a quick stop at a garage sale three streets from my home. They had some pretty cool stuff, but the prices were a bit too high for my liking so I left without buying anything.

At home, I told my wife about the sale and asked her if she wanted to check it out with me. She did. When we got there, she saw a box of plastic knives and forks, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted them. So she called me over and asked me to take a look. I looked at the box, but before I could inspect the contents, something else caught my eye.

On the ground next to the box, there was an industrial machine for grinding coffee beans. I immediately looked for the manufacturer’s name and did a quick search on eBay. Turns out, this particular model sold for $700 new, while the used machines sold for up to $475.

My heart started racing. I asked the owner how much she wanted for it. She said she only wanted $2! So I rushed the machine home and plugged it in to see if it worked. The machine powered up, but it was missing the clear plastic hopper where the beans were supposed to go.

I knew a replacement part could easily be purchased on eBay, so I went ahead and created a listing. Three hours later, I sold the machine for $235!

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