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The link below is your step by step Money Shot System.

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Here are all the parts to your Money Shot System broken down into smaller bite-size chunks.

1) The “Big Picture” summary of what the Money Shot System is REALLY all about and the fascinating story of how this all came about (educational and inspirational if I say so myself 🙂

Download part one

2) All the tools you’ll need to get started (they start with your smartphone and only get simpler from there. Oh, and they’re all free.)

Download part two

3) How to outsmart the foxes – There are others who want to separate you from your property and money. Learn now how to avoid local and online selling scams. Follow these simple rules to stay safe.

Download part three

4) How To Make $100 in your first five minutes with the Money Shot System (I know that sounds crazy but I’ll document all the steps in the manual)

Download part four

5) The 5 biggest excuses that will keep you from making your first $100 In five minutes and much more and how to solve each one including how to “own” a team of pick-up and delivery men to take delivery on item you want.

Download part five

6)  The biggest mistake you make listing your item and why it’s killing your sales.

Download part six

7) 25 memorable methods to source, flip, and bank fast cash for you and your family starting today.

Download part seven

8) How to turn the Money Shot System from side hustle to a full-fledged serious business.

Download part eight

9) How To Own A Team Of Pickup And Delivery Men To Do The Heavy Lifting

Download part nine


Access to all previous newsletter issues.

These newsletters are from my archives and they are absolute GOLD. 

I published 24 issues and each issue is packed with case studies, hard-won tips, ingenious strategies to increase your profits, and more. You will find these at the top of the screen under the heading Archive Newsletters.

Retail value:  $478.99


My Special Collection of “Money Muggets”  

These are my little tricks, tips, and brain farts that I use every day to save time and make money.  Here are some quick examples: You will find these at the top of your screen to the right of the Archived Newsletters under the title Muggets

   When exactly do you collect your cash — before or after you’re loading the item into a truck? 

   Or what do you say to people when they ask if you take Venmo or PayPal? 

   My little secret for shipping items super cheap — even 30 pounds of weights! —  for one, inexpensive flat rate.

Retail value:  $149.00


High-Profit Buy & Sell Case Studies 

Since I have been constantly “out in the field” for a long while now, I have been carefully documenting my exact process. You will see it all, from A-to-Z, and most importantly, when possible, I will show you “the money shot” (a photo of my buyer holding up the cash). What more proof will you need to know that you can do it too? I will lead by example — you simply have to follow my instructions. Each case study shows you a new way for you to start making fast cash too.

Retail value:  $179.00

Once you are logged in go to the recent flips link as shown in the photo below.


Money Shot Millionaire Maker Case Studies 

You may not know this about me, but I am also an inventor. I hold multiple U.S Patents and trademarks for various.

And there is nothing I love more than learning about the success stories from people who have made millions from their ideas. In this bonus, you will see 35 fascinating case studies on invented products that will educate and inspire you. You can find these within each of the 24 Archived Newsletters. But, to make it easy for you, I have assembled all of these case studies into one document at the link below.

www.themoneyshot.info/Millionaire Maker Case Studies.pdf

Sample stories you’ll receive:

   How a woman named Roni created a new type of pet accessory after seeing her dog not catch as many Frisbees as usual.  The result?  A $4 million per year business.

   How friends and family initially laughed at the man who came up with a vegetarian alternative for Thanksgiving … and now he’s laughing all the way to the bank with a product whose name made people roll their eyes at first.

   How a failed Kickstarter campaign nevertheless resulted in the invention of the ultimate water cooler that created $13.2 million in revenue its first year.

   How the “Slanket” became a monster hit even though its inventor had to battle the initial notion that the invention was little more than just being lazy.

   The story of how a simple piece of equipment at a commercial gym inspired someone to create a brand new lightweight garden hose that has resulted in estimated sales of $800 Million to $1.2 Billion.

   and many, many more.

Retail value:  $79.00

Go to

www.themoneyshot.info/Millionaire Maker Case Studies.pdf


The Michael Senoff “How I Make Money Interview Collection”

(Includes PDF transcripts and mp3 downloads)   

These are the interviews where I explain all the things I do to make money both online and off.

I’ve even included the interview I did on paid consulting in which I share how clients pay me big money and how you can do it too.

You’re going to see how I’ve been able to consistently make a full-time living, support a family, all while working from or very close to home.

It’s all here in these interviews that I’ve collected over the last 14 years.  Study and use my advice as your one-way ticket to the land of personal and time freedom!

Retail value:  $597.00

Go to



The “Garage Sale Mike Tapes”
3 hours MP3 audio + full transcripts

Mike’s story goes waaaaay beyond garage sales.  He’s a walking encyclopedia of ideas when it comes to business and entrepreneurship.  I’m telling you, I’ve done literally hundreds of interviews over the years.  But the “Garage Sale Mike interview” is one of my all-time favorites!

Retail value:  $79.00

Go to



Direct Access to Me 

You also get private email access to me with your questions.  This means you can ask me any questions about my program, or anything else marketing-related that I’m qualified to answer.  I’ll respond to you personally, but please know that I am not at your beck and call 24/7 either.  I know you’ll be reasonable.


The best way to contact me is by text.

My cell phone number is 858-692-9461.

You may also email me at senoff.michael@gmail.com