When It Snows, Dollars Pour

Okay. You’re not going to sell a snowboard in the middle of summer. But at the first sign of snow, your chances skyrocket. We bought this Omatic snowboard with high-end bindings at a garage sale—the same garage sale where we got the boots I talked about in the January 2018 issue of The Money Shot News. We paid $10 for the snowboard. When I got home, I did some research on the bindings, and at first, I wasn’t sure this find was going to be profitable. But the weather turned cold, and I found the right buyer. Or, more accurately, the buyer found me. The snowboard sold to a teenager who was going snowboarding with his friends.

When selling snowboards, you need to measure the length of the board and include that in your description. Ski equipment can be quite profitable if the weather is right. This was an excellent (and easy!) cash deal, and you can learn to do this too. For even more buying and selling case studies, visit Michael Senoff’s www.MoneyShotNews.com