The Story About the B-Ball Hoop Flip

Selling a basketball hoop takes guts. Your #1 challenge is picking up the hoop and transporting it to your location—without spending a ton of money or time. However, you don’t always have to move it to sell it, but as a general rule, it’s still better to have it on your property. For this particular find, I enlisted the help of Oscar, my handyman. As soon as Oscar and I brought the hoop to my home, I took photographs and listed it on Craigslist. I felt optimistic. I had gotten the hoop for free (I found it on a local website called, and I knew there had to be a few kids out there who wanted a basketball hoop. And my suspicions were correct. It didn’t take long before the hoop sold to a father who was buying it for his son for $175!  If you want to learn how to sell stuff you found for free? Subscribe to Michael Senoff’s