Easy Dishwasher Flip


This is a pretty simple money making the flip. I got this dishwasher from Mark, a contractor I met months ago. He was ripping out an entire kitchen on a remodel job. He called me to take all of the working appliances. This dishwasher was one of these items. I listed the dishwasher for sale on offerup.com. I have noticed from experience that dishwasher take a lot longer to sell that washers and dryers. The good thing about them is that they are lighter weight and they don’t take up as much space. But, trust me, if your dishwasher is in good shape, it will sell as long as you get it and keep it listed. Interestingly, dishwasher racks are valuable. If you ever see a dishwasher that is in bad shape on the outside, see if you can grab the upper and lower racks and the basket. These racks and be sold on eBay for at least $100. If you want to really get into this money, you can part out the dishwasher and sell all of the parts on eBay. Anyway, this was an easy sale and one that you can do too. For more buy sell case studies like this, go to www.MoneyShotNews.com