How To Use Direct Mail Swipe Files To Get Rich

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How To Use Direct Mail Swipe Files To Get Rich

Lawrence has one of the largest collections of direct mail and print ad swipe files in the world. As a lifetime student of copywriting, he’s compiled an impressive archive of all the greatest copywriters’ stuff from well-known writers like Gary Bencivenga and Gary Halbert to ones you may not have even heard of like Mel Martin.

But it’s what you can do with those files that are the most impressive part. And in this audio, you’ll hear the “old school” ways Lawrence uses his swipe file collection to make a living today – that most people probably think won’t work anymore.

One of the biggest ways he’s making a killing with swipe files is by using them to create print ads in newspapers. He directs prospects to a 24-hour recorded message where they leave their name and number for more information. Then, he sells those qualified leads to another business. This simple method still works today, and the best part is because not many people are doing it anymore, the costs have gone down significantly.

And in this interview, you’ll hear all about it, along with other strategies that work to make money fast, grow a business, or write amazing copy using swipe files.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

* The secret to starting your own swipe file collection for 2017: What you can take and use from ads like “Killed by Conventional Medicine,” the Irresistible Offer, the one-word headline, and more

* A shocking statistic: Print advertising can be a better investment than pay-per-click (and not just because it’s cheaper now that people are moving away from it) – here’s how to do it in today’s market

* Dissecting a winning newspaper ad: the best placement of the ad, the calls-to-action that still work, and why you’ll probably want to steer clear of that click-bait, “big promise” headlines

* The vital importance of making your copy fit the medium you’re using it in – swiped newspaper copy doesn’t usually work for direct mail, and vice versa – here’s how to do it the right way

* The “can’t miss” way to instantly impress a prospect and land your first copywriting client right out of the gate

* The two main reasons the 24-hour recorded message still works to generate easy leads, and when to use it

* The one thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to newspaper ads today (the demographics of your audience have changed) and how to write to them

* The incredibly generous free gift Lawrence is giving away to every Money Shot subscriber, and how to get yours

Lawrence says, when it comes to marketing, you’re always “taking a seminar” in life. But if you study the great marketers of the past, you’ll significantly increase your odds for the future because you’ll instinctively know how to improve your copy and find winning approaches to your marketing. And in this audio, you’ll hear how Lawrence uses his amazing swipe file collection to make his living today.

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